ArchiPharm is a non-profit web magazine launched in January 2016 aiming to promote the cutting edge research from the worlds leading experts within the fields of: ecology, biophilic design, biotic material technology, public health, indoor climate and natural ventilation etc.  

In the Nordic countries, in a house built by today's standards, there is a widespread use of different toxic and environmentally hostile substances in the architecture. Usually there is a mix of plastics, organic and inorganic materials, and little is written about the effect that these buildings have on the user's long term physical and mental health. 


In ArchiPharm scientists, ecologists, architects and physicians help to put light on how the user can be affected both mentally and physically as a result of material choice, ventilation strategies, use of plants and light in our buildings. 

The way we do this is by collecting the loose threads. We put material research, biology and ecology on the agenda of the architectural debate and encourage article participants to write in a more unconventional way, in order to reach a wider audience.

We challenge the current pre-accepted building system by introducing a building pharmacy, that can help us understand the complex mechanisms of nature.



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